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Luis Vazquez

Born Mexico
Residence USA
Team Bravo Dance Company

Luis Vazquez began dancing Salsa in 1992. He was inspired by many movies such as “Lolita’s Way” and the movie “Salsa” but his true inspiration came from his older brother Francisco Vazquez. Francisco introduced him to Salsa in 1992 when Francisco was learning the first salsa steps. Luis and his brothers are considered to be the pioneers of the LA Salsa Style on1. Since then, Luis co-created Salsa Brava Productions, the first ever dance company in Los Angeles and one of the most well known dance companies in the world. In 1994, Salsa Brava dissolves and he began dancing with Melissa Fernandez together creating “Mas Salsa Brava”.

Luis’s salsa dance style continues to inspire people to reach and exceed their boundaries. His aura, personality and vibrant energy is tremendously contagious. His creativity in music, costumes, routines and stunts has taken showmanship to the next level. Luis Vazquez is known world wide for having one of the best dance leads and is definitely a Super Social Dancer at the Night Clubs! His instructional dance workshops with Melissa Fernandez are known to be one of the funniest and always jammed packed. dance team: Salsa Brava Dance Company.

Their dance company went on to become the most popular salsa dance team in the world, even surpassing the "Los Rumberos" dance troupe which was led by the one and only Francisco Vazquez. It is commonly said, maybe as a joke or not, that before Salsa Brava, salsa was only what everyone ate with chips.

Salsa Brava traveled to over 35 nations, spreading the joy of Salsa dancing, was featured on TV and film, and was well-known for their on-stage electrifying performances. Their routines usually had a theme or a storyline, which set them apart from the rest of the top salsa teams in the world.

Just as Francisco Vazquez did, Salsa Brava held a strong influence on the L.A. Style of Salsa that spread around the world with such raging popularity. Most of the names that were mentioned above, which went on to be popular salsa personalities around the world, were at some point members of Salsa Brava dance troupe. Dont' let them deny it! ;-)

Sadly for Los Angeles and the world of dance, Salsa Brava desolved in 2004, but the impact that Luis Vazquez and Joby Vazquez had made around the world was permanent and they've never been forgotten. For any new dancers who came into any dancing scene after 2004, this is some history for you and you should hold the same amount of respect for Salsa Brava as we, the ones who know, do.

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