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Jeremey Adam Rey

Residence New York, USA

I started dancing when I was 8 years old. It started as a Michael Jackson impersonation at a school talent show and from there I was the talk of the school in the 5th grade. That’s when the career of Jeremey Adam Rey started. When I would dance in the front of my apartment in bed-stuy Brooklyn Newyork, with all the kids in the neighborhood. I was always being underestimated because i was the only light skinned and Hispanic person living in bed-stuy who can dance hiphop. I was always dancing with the other kids who lived near me and always going to little dance battles they had in the lobby’s of some apartments and we would just have a blast with just a radio and we would not hold back our dancing. It was all or none. I felt so confident in my hip hop dancing that I thought if I could master every other dance out there. so I thought it would be a good idea to start taking it upon himself to learn and educate himself in the arts of dancing outside of hip hop.

When I reached the 8th grade I took it upon myself to join the American ballroom dance theater company which he learned ballroom dancing. Which consisted of all ballroom dances such as Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Rhumba, Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha, as well as Swing Dancing. Trained by Xavier Auza. Thanks to the guidance of Xavier, Xavier introduced I was introduced to a company named The Rod Rodgers Dance Company. My mentor Xavier thought i was ready to take my learnings to a whole new level, and thought I had so much potential. So I got enrolled in The Rod Rodgers Dance Company and I learned a whole new world of dance. I learned Ballet, Jazz, West African, Traditional Haitian and Modern dancing. I took his new learning back into the partner dancing world and was later hypnotized by the new sensational dance Zouk. And soon became a new hit sensation in the Zouk Scene in New York city. Not only have I been studying and still learning zouk for the past 7 years but I had recently come to realize the I was the first ever United states Born Zouk Instructor, with the addition of having an Hatian father and growing up the Caribbean Zouk music, for my father was a Dj playing at Haitian clubs and house clubs with different genres of dance. I had the inside me, I was starting to travel when people heard of who I was and to see what I was bringing to zouk, I travel all over the united states sucha as San Fransisco, Boston, Washington DC, Pittsburg, Florida and much more. But even then I t wasn’t enough, I wanted to know if there was a way to put the partnering dance and the independent arts together into one dance, or atleast do a performance where I can have the excitement of dancing with someone but still shine by myself. So as I gradually progressed in my dancing I met a man named Sekou McMiller . A man who thought I had the amazing ability to adapt to anything I put my mind to and thought I would be a great and prideful member of his team. I was soon a member of the Sekou McMiller Dance company and my whole world was blown away when I found out you can fuse two different styles of dance together. When I heard you can put latin dancing and street jazz together. I WAS SOLD! I got the greatest experience being in the SMC. I learned latin street jazz, latin jazz, Afro Cuban, street salsa, New York salsa, and from then I started my dancing career with my own partner in crime Brianna Rios, and started competing in salsa competitions, traveling to Canada, Houston Texas, Orlando florida, Toronto, Miami, Seattle, and Charlotte North Carolina. But I don’t compete anymore for I am teaching and performing Hip Hop , Salsa, Acrobatics, ballroom dancing , body movement and body isolations and Zouk. I am now performing for artist’s such as Victor Manuelle and performing around the united states sharing and teaching the knowledge that I gained and take so much pride and sharing it with those who want the same knowledge and are willing to take this power of adaptation into their own hands. And that’s me Jeremey Adam Rey. Man of many talents.